Don't Give Up, My Friend.

“I write this music to lift your heart and mind. To inspire anyone with ‘ears to hear’ to not give up, to not give in to a world full of heartache and sadness. God is good, my dear brother or sister. He loves you, He reaches out with a ‘frequency’ of hope and new ways for your life. I hope this Album reflects an excitement, an energy and power that would move you in new direction. I hope that it  would help you see that God is not a boring system of laws or a distant monster but a living Father full of life and joy to freely give you. It’s not perfect but it is original and truly written from depths of my heart. I care about, would love to talk, hit me up”.

– Michael. 

Searching For Heroes

Have you ever longed for an adventure? Longed for a road that led to somewhere you’ve never been? To smell new air, a new country? The feel the excitement of fear? I sure did. 

I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Somehow I wanted to get out of this town as early as I can remember. I  yearned to climb mountains and cross oceans. would have never imagined standing on  a stage in front of about three thousand people, a few dozen holding machine guns in a remote slum half way around the world. I could have imagined maybe, being a fellow trouble-maker, but never the guy with the microphone singing to electronic music and sharing my heart of how Jesus can heal our deepest wound and transform even the worst of us into a ‘hero’ for His Kingdom. Not a puppet of a “church” system or a wimp  but a real man living and proclaiming resurrection, life (Mt.11:12, Jn.3:3-8).  

Check out the blog on this site where I share a few adventures that my best friends (also known as my wife and kids)  and I experienced as we travel the lands searching for heroes for another Kingdom.