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Abraham built a character, called Pierre, with hand-made stilts, that we use as a powerful tool of love for connection with children, prisoners and adults of all ages.


 Imagine for a moment when you were a child. You could never have imagined being where you are today. Every child is full of wonder, awe and hope for a happiness in life waiting “out there”. We were taught that life is neutral and that it is up to us to find our “purpose”. But dreams fade quickly and disenchantment results as we are awakened the brutal reality of a world gone mad; of the walking sad.

Life is hostile. Satan is real. He rules this world. Increasing levels of pressure upon us, over time, crush all naiveté.  Pain, fear and rejection turn us inward bewildered by a horrid world of self-obsession and self-pity. No one cares. Reality hovers in our mind laughing at those who conjure and project a storybook scenario. The world is tormented by an unseen enemy of darkness rising from within. No one understands or can help because no one understands it.

Oblivious to the Spirit of truth and the needs of others,  it is automatic that we become the prime focus of our own universe. As this condition evolves within us an unknown entity becomes the prime influencer.  Satan hides his rule behind our self-righteous ego of Christian image and  Bible-lingo claims. I have met countless men and women, who insist what great Christians they are, but in the secret shadows they pine away in the ignorance to sin. They become swallowed into a world of darkness, without an ounce of transparency. Slowly they enter varying degrees of mental breakdown.

My friend, you won’t climb any drain pipes, claim to be Napoleon or babel in public but mental breakdown is not a future, but a present condition in us all. The only question is whether you know the specifics of how to  access truth in the living Jesus (John 8:32).

It is written: “the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil and insanity in in their hearts throughout their lives” (Ecc. 9:3). Isaiah reiterates this truth in chapter 59 and Paul quotes it in Romans 3:10. When I first read this I was both relieved and gripped with fear. God knows our condition and His love offers the one remedy.

God wrote an entire book  to tell us how to think to counter the Satan’s hell hole of SIN. The Father is willing to send you the Spirt of His living Son to lead to recover.

No matter where you are in life or what evil has befallen you, if you will awaken to His VANTAGE, you can not only relearn how to be His child, but utilize this posture as the only means by which Jesus says, will bring you conversion (Matthew 18:3, 11:25). This childlike potential is a simple choice but a humiliating fight. To see what you really are and believe Jesus is not accomplished by a little token prayer. You must first realize that the mounting pressures, upon you right now, are from Satan to destroy you.

No one likes to talk about sin and hell. But Jesus, Who spoke TRUTH of the glory of the Father, spoke TRUTH, of sin, not just leading to mental breakdown but into eternal fires in hell. The gospel is an appeal and a severe warning. When you refuse, to deal with sin, tragic consequences are inevitable.  We must humbly beg God for salvation from ourselves in Jesus. Doctrines are not Jesus. A church, good works or “sinner’s prayer” did not die on a cross to offer you freedom from self.

PLEASE LISTEN, my dear precious fellow heart, with so few days left on this earth, you must expose and “crucify” self-righteous pride in order to find mental health through following the living Jesus, and thus escape your own inner………


This is Part 1 of a three part series identifying the cause of, and resolution for,

common mental anguish in today’s society,  that can lead to tragic mental disorder.



The Tacumbu prison in Paraguay is a top worst prison in the world. It’s like a RESIDENCE OF TEARS. CBS did a story on 60 MINUTES. Created for 800, now holding 4,000 men. Appoximately 18 people are killed there every year. One man even sewed his mouth shut in a hunger strike to protest the horrid food and living conditions.

When the warden opened the doors to let us into the courtyard it felt like being hit by a rogue wave similar to ones I experienced when long ago living on a sailboat. Only this was reality not water.

Thousands of men filled the huge prison yard. Many were openly crying, others were begging for anyone to just listen to them. Many were talking into the air. I noticed a few guys  climbing up the walls on drain pipes.  Guards let them go because there was so much barbed wire.

 These men were at various stages of mental anguish, disorder, torment and pain. It was hard to be there, almost unbearable. I walked over and sat next to one brother, after another, trying to diffuse the “internal combustion” that ignites the panic that causes such human frenzy.

 I uttered no brilliant words, just “Hey bro, I love you my man. How are you doing?” Some would look at me as though I just snatched them  from floating into dark space. In a matter of minutes I could bring a man back to reality IF, IF, IF he was willing to calculate the basis of sin and the gospel remedy.

 After years of dealings with similar prisons, and talking to multitudes, on the streets, in their homes and hospitals, the answer of the living Jesus is clear. He demands “truth in our innermost being” (Psalm 51:6/John 4:24).

Tacumbu is an outward manifestation of the inner torment by Satan using sophisticated schemes from the dark abyss of sin. 

Five years of graduate studies, and a degree in Psychology,  did not prepare me to help such a huge number of fellow brothers, gathered in one place,  void of God’s personal love in Jesus and dealing with extreme mental disorders.  The visual scene shook me to my core and haunts me to this day. Yet Tacumbu merely illustrates  the mounting escalation of evil in every man’s struggle with sin and pride.

So it would be a gross error of your misleading pride  to think that Tacumbu is an isolated situation solely due to these men living in a remote jungle prison in a 3rd world culture. Mental breakdown is the breath of America and the entire world. Every issue they face, though magnified due to close proximity and physical conditions, are exact same things we each deal with; guilt, regret, desperation, loneliness, rejection, isolation, etc.

Sin is an entity of “mystery” darkness that actually evolves within us depending on our circumstances and response. It has no bounds of evil. No regard for our inability to deal with it. No respect for breakdown. It advances upon the mind like the Russian army upon Ukraine. It plunders and destroys every dream and hope. The  ultimate end is not insanity but an eternal lake of fire. The “Tacumbu” in every one of us is so catastrophic it sucked every drop of blood from the Lamb.

Like a dark storm over a horizon it  brings a flood of thoughts that we can not handle. They push us underwater until we can no longer hold our breath. Mere unseen thoughts by a very real diabolical creature. This is no game. Most pretend this is not true; “Oh I’m fine”. Why? Because they fear there is no answer. Because pride wins over humility and presumption over a contrite heart. Those who claim to be a Christian such an admittance would contradict all the pretense they’ve spent years building. The tragic outcome is a worse depth of anguish called  mental delusion (2 Thes. 2:7-11). 

Every one of us sinners has a “Place of Tears”.  The question is not whether it exists, but to what degree do you want to live beyond it? The inner war between pride and God threatens the sanity and destiny of every person on the face of the earth. The free will allows us to resist the truth of Jesus Christ. Men can “carry on” quite “nicely”.  However the human conscience is a divinely created mechanism to amplify truth, so no matter what we do, or say, it will resonate and cause unlimited mental conflict within us. When it is ignored it ultimately becomes “seared” (1 Tim. 4:2). 

Satan is no novice at stealing our human soul from us. We are quite stupid.  He may creep in, or use an all out attack, but in every case when he is exposed he will rail. If you don’t know what to do, and are too proud to ask, your mind will “break”.

We are born with his handle of pride and ego already within our very heart (Jer.17:9). He has his reservoir of filth in us. My friend, please listen to me. You must understand the cross, as the ultimate remedy of sin, in the Spirit of Jesus. There are umpteen stages, or levels, of mental incompetence, all of which are not, in the least bit, identified as physical signs on the road to Tacumbu. Every path of darkness is designed by evil master.

Unless you fight to know the truth, you will be stuck with a counterfeit “resolution” (“Oh I’m fine. I’m already ‘right with God’). It has already resulted in your isolated variation of  “Tacumbu” ( Jn.10:10/Mark 4).

Tacumbu is a microcosm of what is triggered in the mind when a person resists the cross and therefore  the inner pressure between conscience and free will renders a person reprobate and unfit to effectively deal with reality . Boom. The “valves” intended for regulation, dispersion and reconciliation explode.

Satan has the power to steal every good thing God intends for you because God always leaves things up to our choice (John 10:10/Mark 4). If you do nothing to de-power sin then nothing good will happen. Satan doesn’t have to worry because as long as you do nothing you remain born in his possession. We must fight him to be born AGAIN.

All men are touched by the fears and feelings of mental stress because sin abides in our flesh. Thoughts attack us like the ravaging beast  that fuels them. The goal is to push us “over the edge” and make us do or say something from which we fear we can not recover.  Outward pressures bear heavily upon the mechanism of the  mind. It is created to function only in accordance with perfect fellowship with God. Without the living Jesus as our constant Mediator the mind falters. 

 It is not our mind that must first be repaired. It is our soul that must be quickened with a new “spirit” in order to transform our mind into the anointing of Christ (John 3:3/4:24/1 Cor.15:45). We must learn the discernment between our fallen “Adam” flesh, and a reborn spirit.  This is the only way to access the truth of the living Jesus. If our ego is not crucified with Christ it confounds our conscience. Truth is the only means by which God will communicate with us on how to specifically deal with our conflict and heal our wounds. True repentance leads to understanding on how to use our enormous reservoir of intelligence under the anointing of His Spirit to resolve any human conflict.

We  performed our show, in Tacumbu, and talked with thousands of beautiful brothers, all of whom reflected the eyes of prison shock; still not able to understand how to deal with the darkness of seeing into the abyss of their own sin.

I’m not writing about ‘special needs’ of physiological impairment or mental illness but of the trauma, both hidden and expressed, that evolves from every persons inability to process life and comprehend our own inner darkness. Simply put, getting our head straight.  

In our travels of our world tour we hear countless tragic stories of normal folks who a few days or weeks earlier were sitting in an apartment or house with  career plans. Suddenly they are derailed by maybe a physical or mental invasion of unbearable mental stress and dark thoughts. Cast into the vast waste land of city streets they are on the verge of being side by side with raging crazy fools in the hell holes that fill the night. Suicide is common. You cannot imagine the places we have seen and the common ordinary people who never, in their wildest dreams, imagine being where they are today. My friend, please, whoever and wherever you are in life, THIS IS THE TRUTH. God gives every person a chance in life to hear the truth. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE>

Two days ago we were in a prison in the northern jungles of Brazil. A French speaking inmate told us, after our performance, he always insisted Jesus was a dead historical figure. He sent us an audio of his joy saying “This is a new day. I have never before experienced the living Jesus”. Our hearts leapt for joy. The living Jesus is waiting to send His Spirit to instruct, comfort, lead and explain.

You see my brother, or sister, even though pride forbids you to trust in the invisible and unseen living God, your conscience is pleading with your mind to repent . It is the only way to escape the evil whispering of sin into MADNESS. Madness is not some rare weird behavior that a Hollywood movie depicts. It is all around us. It is inside us. Jesus is the only One Who can render it powerless when we come to die with Him (Rm. 6:6). 

Our mind has been CORRUPTED. We can not stop thinking crazy crap. It is by a demonic power so evil it is impossible for us to master.  Self-righteousness dulls its cry. It is not YOU who are struggling with a personality disorder or past wound from the world. You have NO IDEA the power of sin within you. It saturates our every thought yet remains undefined, hidden and totally underestimated. 

I’m no “Dr. Phil” or “Reverend Pastor”. I am well-educated so as to have studied all the “psycho-babel” of “experts” but I’m not trippin here on fancy words to impress anyone on a common sense catastrophe. My name is Michael. I’m not a religious clone spouting the ‘company line’ of American Christianity.  I am a 70 yr.  “wild eyed” driven follower of the living Jesus who has real answers.