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Contact 10.5.15

I clearly remember in First Grade when Sister Marie Catherine took us to the library for the very first time. She told us to search for any book about our favorite subject. Some kids got books on fishing, cats or rivers. My eyes scanned the shelves until I found my book. I was so excited until I showed it everyone and they all laughed. The title was simply Mommies Are For Loving.  I thought this book would give me a new way to love my mother, but they saw only my simplicity.  I actually remember a deep sadness in my little mind because in that moment, I realized I could never say or be who I really was.



My point, however,  is that each of us clearly reveals our true passion in life by the things we choose. On what do you spend your time, emotion, thoughts and money? These days, so many claim to be a Christian. They think it depends on what they confess, how many Bible verses they know or whether they prayed a sinners prayer. The truth is, as Jesus says, where your treasure is there is your heart(Mt.6:21/Phil.3:9/1 Tim.1:15).


I couldnt hide my love for my mother. When she died of cancer, so did I. I had always been, like Jacob, a momma’s boy(Gen.25:28,27). (Such a confession shatters the hard-guy-macho image I ultimately developed to hide my heart.) But when I was twenty years old, I chose another book, that once again triggered the mockery of my contemporaries. This time, I did not hide the passion of my heart for God’s Word. I choose to live in Jesus and make contact with the lost. This is the ultimate story a man can read and live. It is not proven by words you speak but by the things you do.  You can not overestimate the power found in being resolute. 


Rachel and I were on the corner of Market and 12th St. in downtown Philadelphia  during the days of the Popes visit. We were sharing with a guy named Ray who had just gotten out of jail after eleven years. He was trying to figure out how he could possibly get a job and was at his end. Another woman was not able to pay her rent and that very morning was  forced onto the streets. She was shaken and devastated.


We couldnt meet their material needs but we could contact them with the love of God we know they need. To make personal contact from our world into theirs with Christ.  It is absolutely amazing what one human can do to help another, without spending a penny. Of all the things you think you are looking for, or that you need, I can tell you, without a doubt, that this thing of helping others in Jesus, is the thing that will answer your everything.


This Christianculture requires far more than typical and generic gospel lingo. Youve heard it a thousand times. So has everyone else. In order to breakthrough with an effective witness, there exists an exciting adventure of shattering our own barriers to discover a living Jesus Who gravitates to sinners and despises religiosity. To bring Him to them in a way they have never heard is palpitating but exhausting.


Sometimes we force ourselves to think as if we were aliens bringing a message from another planet. Indeed, behind todays complacent Christianpresumption is the reality that this gospel is a very strangemessage; An invisible Being became the most loving man but was crucified yet rose again to give us eternal life. Even God says Who has believed this message?.(Is.53:1).


We must change mens response fromHo huminto Oh wow. We must work to create new winethat is not befitting old wineskins; Been there done that(Mk.2:22). To the majority, this involves ways they define as offensive because they cut against the grain of status quo Christianity, where comfort breeds hypocrisy. Christianity has set the worlds standard for what is “loving”, important and unmentionable and they are all wrong. Christianity does not offer revelation of the living Person of Jesus. It is thousands of doctrines of men that put Christ in a theological system as seen 1 hour on Sunday.


The love of Jesus within us offers a profound magnificence to others, if we are willing to expend our own individual, creative energy to tap it. Our downfall is not a laziness of physical exertion, or the fault of some evil seduction, but of unwillingness to reach deep and expend the spiritual energy from within our spiritual character. This act is true repentance. It is born of love from and to God.


True repentance starts with true love.

Replace a token gesture with the time necessary for genuine empathy. Dont look away. Look towards. Choose to make eye contact. Personally deliver the gift of the Holy Spirit as He comes to you. Like never before, lay down your fears. That ultimate feeling you have been searching for out thereis actually right here in front of you, right now in presence of another human. Teach yourself how to engage the face of a downcast soul. This may be his only moment to be touched by the Spirit; Hey Buddy, how ya doin? You exist my friend. You matter. You are so important to God He died for you.


You can say it with your words or start with a determined smile. No money needed. He doesnt care what you say, just that you care. Go to your inner bankand draw from those deposits you have long ago made. Enter the secret workshop of your own heart, so you can distribute your personal design. God sees in secret and will reward in secret (Jn.14:23/Mt.6:4).


Noah sent out the dove in hopes of finding rest. Send out your spirit and it too, will find a place. You will receive far more than you give. What you have been searching for will now be within. What has long sat within you unused is exactly what others are waiting for. Stop allowing yourself to prevent yourself. Jesus guarantees He will sendyou a promise. Think about it. How do you send a promise? Its all about operating unseen stuff in an unseen world. Its awesome. His promise is His Spirit to anyone, anytime, anywhere (Lk.24:49 ). Freely receive, freely give.


We are constantly told by the homeless how devastated and hopeless they become, because no one even looks at them. Can you spare a look? A few words? I always ask someones name and repeat it in the most sincere manner, because, really, how often does anyone hear their own name, spoken in a deliberately loving tone? You dont have to save their soul. Just make it more open.


After a few hours of sharing the gospel, Rachel and I got back on our bicycles and started riding down the street. A couple blocks away, off on a sidewalk, we saw a young man stooped down giving to someone a hamburger. When we looked more closely, we were so blessed to realize that that young man was our son, Joshua. He gave us a bunch of hamburgers and we went off to a local park.


Earlier that morning, Abraham had contacted a number of fast food places and finally found a sweet woman manager at Wendys. She sold him and Joshua a hundred hamburgers for a dollar each with a coupon for a free drink. Its amazing how God so often leads us to people who will help. So he bought a large cooler and filled it with the hamburgers and was pushing it on a dolly down the street. He had to laugh as this guy yells out Youre not going to try to give me some weird food or talk to me about some weird cult are ya?. Theyve seen it all. 


As we made our way through a large crowd going to see the pope, one tall black man was just randomly walking through the crowds saying out loud at a conversation tone  Could anyone please help me? Im starving!.  Rachel could barely hear him. What did you say?she asked. He repeated his request. He was so grateful someone heard and helped. What if we werent there?


In another part of town were our daughters. A mother of a family asked Ruth if she had any food. Ruth and the girls had made sandwiches,  so she had a bunch. The lady had four children and a husband and was so grateful. Another lady was sleeping in her car and came to see the Pope searching for a spiritual experience but had nothing. She was so happy to get not only a measly little sandwich but the counsel of a loving wise woman.


Story after story after story I could tell of so many individuals lost, devastated and in great need. At the same time, there were so many rich people walking by, talking about the great teaching they had just received on Helping The Homeless


This is quite funny, but Ruth always cracks me up with her anointed creativity. She told some of the homeless guys to go up to the people who were coming out of the Convention Center and ask them for help because she knew they were just getting out of the Help the poorteaching sessions and would be feeling guilty. One guy came back and said It worked. He was so grateful to Ruth because he got like 60 dollars. It was a fortune.


I watched two women just staring at Rachel as she was helping this one guy. It was as if they were marveling over some kind of magic she was performing. All she was doing was stooping down on her knees and talking to this guy. It was like How do you do that?There was a subtle, puzzled yet condescending smirk on their faces as if to say I dont have to do thatI cant do thatcan I?. Its not complicated. You can not fail. Theyll take anything. They could care less about your words. They have nothing.  It takes no education or qualifications. Its called HUNGERand its not a game.


Making CONTACT with people in the Name of Jesus is the purpose of a true Christian. Tons of Christianson campuses tell us how frustrated they are trying to find Gods will for their lives. They want some kind of self-serving special ministry. The Scriptures lay it out very clearly; Jesus says Go therefore (anywhere)I was hungryin prisona strangeretc.(Mt.25:30,28:19). You will find your purpose, not in a specific place, but in a specific effort to love the unloved. When the world beats the hell out of you, it is only natural to think there is nothing to live for. You become aimless. You feel useless. Everybody lapses into some mode of self-pity; Where are you God? Why dont you help me?.  Use yourself to help yourself give yourself. Then you will see God. 


Being Changed


Pretend you are a young person. Your whole life is before you. You haven’t been beaten up by the world. No dreams dashed or shattered. No tragic events. No physical ailments. No huge worries, burdens or fears. No shattered relationships. Your heart still intact, not broken. Your emotions are not all over the place. Not yet seen the worst of yourself. No disillusionment or cynicism. Fresh. Happy. Alive. Ready to live. Genuine and energetic anticipation boils in your blood.


I tell you, my friend, this is the disposition required for real change.  Put aside all the past stuff and be a child. You can do it. If you want. The crazy imaginations in your mind are just that (2 Cor.10:3). Thoughts are not actual physical or material stuff that weighs you down. They are merely invisible lies that you can ignore. No matter how much an imagination haunts you, resist its effect on your behavior. Just keep on doing what youre doing. Resist the devil. He will flee (Jm.4:7).  Imaginations are like copper to sound waves. They block the frequencies of faith.


God says we do not know HOW to do good. It simply is not in our nature. “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, Or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good who are accustomed to doing evil.(Jer.13:23). We fail a  thousand times to change a thousand things.  Its par for our human course. Accordingly, Jesus says His forgiveness is without number (Mt.18:22).  He knows how the sin of Adam separated us into a bizarre world that has us having to deal with problems way beyond our ability. Our sinful nature is simply too strong.


So, how then can Jesus command us to “Repent”(metanoia-change of mind-(Mk.1:14)? Would a loving God tell us to do something He Himself says we can not do? This would be quite cruel. And crazy. Obviously, something is missing. I mean, if God clearly says striving to obey the law is, not only useless, but wicked, then how in the world are we to change (Gal.2:16/Rm.3:20)?


Is it about TRYING?


God says Cease striving…” (Ps.46:10 ) and by the works of the law (trying to do what a law says) shall no flesh be justified (-do what is right- . Read Gal.2:16,17,3:11,3:24, 5:4).  The answer of trying is what I was told growing up.  Well, I may not be perfect (wow what an admission!) but I try as hard as hell to be good” (now there’s something to look forward to. LOL). Sorry Charlie. The best of your strength is the stench of a putrid rag (Is.64:4). Its not like you can produce divine molecules that enhance Gods existence. He needs nothing (Acts 17:25).  Nothing. We have nothing but sin. The only point of trying isLook at what I can do.  Ok, Adam. We got it. Its called self- righteousness. Ego. Its what makes the world go round. It is a complete denial and rebellion to what God reveals in the Scriptures of our worthlessness.


No. Change is not wrought by trying. Being right is not something we can achieve. Never, never, never.  There is a food. It doesnt require a prescription. No doctor needed. Have you ever eaten humble pie? Its delicious. The beginning of everything and anything begins with your end.  Taste and see that what the Master Chef prepares is good (Ps.34:8). Truth sets us free (Jn.8:32).  I am wrong. I always have been wrong. I will always be wrong.  I am wicked. I will always be wicked. I am a scoundrel.Ah,  now isnt that delicious?


Change requires that you move two ways:

One; come to Him in broken transparent truth to find light from Jesus. From the beginning Jesus says “COME TO ME” (Mt.11:27/Jn.5:39,6:37,7:37 etc.)


Two; go to those in great need to bring His love and light.  At the end He commands  “GO TO ALL THE WORLD”  (Mt.28:19/Mk.16:15). When you know Jesus you serve Him (Jn.12:26).


How is it that Saul changed to Paul? He yielded to the Light and came to see how he had something only he could do for God. No one is just another soul. The world may know you by number but God knows you by name. Paul was the only one who could do something specific God wanted. He alone carried a massive love no one else carried. What is your name? _______ (your name here) has something no one else can give. Paul hated life and wanted to die. One thing made him want to live beyond himself; to help others (Phil.1:21ff).


Nothing else in the whole world can change you but these two things. Nothing. The spring of some passing Christianemotion or prayer service may cause a temporary change, but hard-core reality will smack you in the face and force you back to your old ways. Your life will be as common and miserable as everyone else’s. You can talk your head off about how much you know God or how different you are from the guy next door but what you do shows your passion.  




“The kindness of God leads you to repentance?(Rm.2:4).

“God demonstrates HIS OWN love in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us…the ungodly”  (Rm.5:6-8)

“In this is love, not that we loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins” (1 Jn.4:10).


It is common sense for someone to have to show their excellence in order to get a reward. God did not use common sense. He used mercy and did things backwards based on the secret mystery of His mercy. If you want to know this marvel, it will not happen by trying to prove your excellence.  Dont focus on proving your strength. Its like trying to quit smoking by trying to quit smoking. Itll never work. The law kills (2 Cor.3:6/Rm.7:6).


You have to replace the passion. Focus solely, and only, and always on walking over to the stream, in your mind, sitting down and beholding the Lamb; the living Jesus. Who are You Lord? Help me.”  Learn and meditate on the revelation He has given of Himself in the Scriptures.


Consider His phenomenal mercy.not for you (as though you are the focus).but rather because of Who He is. The demonstration of Himself in His love is to be our focus. I dont mean to sound complicated or out there. I am simply explaining real answers that require real work (Jn.6:29). God. Who really is He? To get beyond your ordinary ways you must do extraordinary things that you do not ordinarily do. Jesus. Who really is He?


You see, people wrongly exegete the focus of John 3:16 as to be God so loved this world. Such thinking breeds an arrogant entitlement. The scholastic emphasis of this verse is not on this world but on the revelation that God is of such a nature and Character that He SO LOVEDTHAT HE GAVE. Its trying to explain that the nature of His mercy is essentially sacrificial.


The world is not a lovable little teddy bear whom Jesus could not resist dying for. The world shall be destroyed with fire. God cannot love evil (Hab.1:13/Is.6:3). His holy eyes are not on random sinners or their sin. Rather the Father beholds the Son and the Son beholds His Father in a perichoresis (dancing around-trinity) in the Holy Spirit of eternal love. God is such a Person Who did such a thing as giving His Son, out of His heavenly glory, knowing He would be tortured by us and for us. His purpose for us is to be caught up in this glory which is the full realization of all the attributes of God.


Its like, imagine someone building a playground to show their love for a community. It is not for any particular person. Nor does it matter whether anyone plays on it. It is all about the character of the one who made an enormous investment so as to build a playground (or spaceship – see CONTACT below).


His eyes were full of sorrow. Now, they are full of fire. His face was marred more than any other, now, is like the sun (Is.53/Rev.1:16-18).  He was the Lamb and now, the Lion (Jn.1:29/Rev.5:5).


Everything starts, and ends in, and with, and by, and for, the mystery of His holiness (Eph.1). He has demonstrated, in time and space, a message to mankind which we humans have defined as love but is so far, far, far beyond any human concept. It is hesed(Hebrew-unconditional mercy). It is a wonder. It is a miracle. It is a holy mystery of divine majesty. It is something we can only comprehend when we stop, when we are still and when we believe. The prodigal son chose such a moment of awakening, like a lightbulb coming on. In it, he pondered all the everything his father had and all the nothing he had. It motivated his heart to change his direction (Luke 15).


The Life

I can not imagine a life without Jesus and finding opportunities to help people in need.  It is the spaceship that landed in my world of selfishness (see CONTACT below). All that I have come to know in Christ overwhelms my putrid little mind. My heart is constantly grieved by the hatred we bear from this world because it is not my heart.  I am occupied by another Being (Gal.2:20). I am driven by His purpose. I have His vision. 


People lie and say evil things about us but our sounding board is a homeless man. He doesnt know or care about our rejection. If anything, our suffering helps us relate to him.  They have no one to comfort them. They have no food. I have plenty. Persecution and loving others is the blessed proof that Jesus lives within (Jn.15:20/1 Jn.3:14 ). When I was lost, I did everything for myself and yet could never find myself. Now, I have lost myself in everything that is His (Jn.12:25).

Surely, I was not born this way. I was born again to be this way (Jn.3:3).


The other day I was at Kent State University and utterly depressed by the blasphemy, mockery, and filth. The very things that God has given to help a young person find their way to Him: i.e. a stable mind, a will, a heart, a conscience, health etc. are the very things they give to this world to be destroyed.


Insane and lawless teachings of evolution, self-love, anti-God, behavior modification, etc. corrupts them. Their friendsuse peer pressure to force them to conform. It destroys their individuality. The intense scrutiny to succeed by their parents causes them to give in to the ungodly thinking of the world that defiles their conscience.

The educational system turns men, who are created in the image of God, into godless monsters in a very short time (1Cor.3:19, 2Cor.4:4, Jm.3:14, 2Pet.2:12). 


You and I can do something, my friend. We can help one young boy or girl. We can rescue a young person from hell. So many young, energetic 18-year-olds look to their parents for direction, but their parents are only looking in another direction, out for themselves. So they run off into the world and never come back the same. What happened to that young, innocent child?  He is engulfed by the abyss of self-pride. Like a sheep led to slaughter his will becomes trained in hypocrisy and rationalizations. He hides his cry for love with an IMAGE, and no one knows or cares.


Today, the colleges and job market destroy young lives like war killing men. I have met so many young guys whose lives are destroyed because they married a contentious woman (Ecc.7:26/1 Pt. 3/1 Tim.2:9ff). Now their goal is to work, work, work. God did not make us to work. It is a curse of sin redeemed by the purpose of Christ Who became our curse (Gen.3:19/Jn.6:29/Gal.3:13).


Success!is nothing but a lie from hell that ends in the grave of regret and disillusionment. If anyone, with an ounce of truth, listens to the language of the common world, they are terrified and aghast. We hear and see every day this world is full of mental illness, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Its not here and there. Its everywhere.


The standard of normal that my generation knew is long gone. An insanity concocted in hell is the new normal and sign of these last days (Mt.24:12). No one can imagine the stories we could tell. Parents are going to answer on the day of judgment. They give so much of their everything to so much of nothing, while their children suffer in silence, hoping for nothing more than the attention of love, of which they are due but never receive.


Getting married and having a baby is what young people are told is happiness. Then, once this bubble pops, another disaster results. They repeat their parents cycle of loneliness, frustration, anger, misery and divorce. They do not understand, and simply cannot bear, the unseen forces in the air against them in these last days (Eph. 2:1,6:12).


If you were to do a study on crime and all the killings on college campuses, you would find that the history behind every perpetrator is a personal suffering from parental divorce, a breakup or some major rejection, and an unbearable burden. The strain, tension and evil that demons impose upon the vulnerable is nothing less than supernatural (Eph.2:2/6:12 2Cor.4:4). Humans are fragile. God says all of us are desperately sick”  (Jer.17:9/Ecc.9:3/Is.59:11). To activate this inner sickness only requires some outward trigger. I could write a book on all the bizarre things weve seen, heard and experienced over thirty years of ministering, thousands of times, at colleges here and abroad.


All men are closed to the gospel. So we work hard on pamphlets, signs and a heart of gentle love, creativity and truth of Jesus to get beyond the religious garbage offered by the false preachers of today. It is no little battle. How do you effectively fight with someone to give them what they desperately need but deny? How do you warn men about a system that they think is for them, while it destroys them? We have no love or wisdom within our flesh. Not one atom in our body is angelic or divine. We are as selfish as anyone.


This mercy comes only from focus on the fascinating reality of the gospel. To constantly go to the foundation of revelation. We love because His love is so profound. The answer to defy weariness and banality is childlike comprehension, contemplation, reexamination and reevaluation of the gospel. From this do we realize a compassion and burden so deep it controls us (2 Cor.5:14). Eight individual choices to change because we glory in the mercy of God as revealed in Jesus.




There have been many movies about aliens from outer space beaming a frequency into the atmosphere of the earth. The people in the movie are flabbergasted when they actually make CONTACT.  Scientists scurry about and military generals plot a strategy over any possible threat. They fear military superiority could annihilate their existence. What might a superior being, from another galaxy sound like, look like or be like?


Well, my friends, it has happened. God has made CONTACT. He beamed His message from beyond the outer limits to mankind on this planet called earth.  From a place beyond the stars and all human imagination, this Being sent a clear, lasting and concrete statement. This distant Being reached across all obstacles in every universe, because of His immense and deep desire to communicate one message to mankind: hesed’. He spoke one word. The only living word Jesus” (Jn.1:1). Can you say this Word? Can you live His Name?


*I hope anyone who reads this understands that I am not being weird by using the analogy of aliens etc. I am just using this verbiage to fully appreciate the wonder of the Incarnation.


This Being is called GOD. Tons of people claim they know Him. Really? You KNOW GOD?! Wow.  Tell me about Him. I dont want to hear doctrines. God is not faith, truth, the death and resurrection, the blood, the Bible, grace, etc. These are all things. God is God. He is a Person; a Father. You know Him? Really? You have met Him? People think that using a flowery and poetic Biblical language proves they know God.


Let me tell you that the frequencies of this Being actually materialized into HUMAN FORM. This Contact from another world came not as a doctrine, militant, politician, educator or ruler. He came as the ultimate Servant. God made human contact with man, as a Man, so that He Himself could both relate to and actually come within man. He offers to transform humans into His very likeness.  How does this take place?


There is a space machine. Its design and engineering is the most sophisticated ever seen by mankind. It dazzles the mind beyond hi-tech gadgetry. It is beyond any robot, computer or sci-fi machine. It has the power to transcend time and space. It reaches to the depths and heights of  dimensions unknown to men. Paul says it killed him while turning him into a selfless person (Gal.2:20).


It is made from two pieces of wood. A tree cut down and crossed together, split asunder the atoms of one man. The arms of this man must be opened, spread wide open and locked into position… but not by His own doing. Two soldiers of a fierce human army did so forcefully. Using nails as the positioning tools. The mans blood would now be used as the fuel to generate the activation of the cross. The human beings of this world imposed their will upon the Being of another world. The purpose would be annihilation of Him, because He embodied the worst of all mankind.


He was not made of titanium but flesh and blood. He did not travel through time but devoured time as a Lion does its prey. Oh, death where is thy sting?(1Cor.15:55). A rocket is not required but the nitty-gritty engagement of your will with the living God. The cross is the space agevehicle to transport a human man from this earth into the Presence of the Other Being (1Cor.1:18). A human man can now receive a divine nature (2 Pt.1:3/Rm.6:6). In order for contact between the two worlds to take place, the two worlds had to collide. The battlefield was the cross and a Lamb was found dead. This excruciating experience of horror would provide the contact through which human beings can actually LIVE FOREVER.


What a strange tale. I remember sharing the gospel with one of my Psychology professors in college. How God became man etc. He sat and listened. After I was done, I asked what he thought. He said it sounded like some story from a Marvel Comic Book series.  God asks, Who has believed this message? …” (Is.53:1). In this day and age of 40,000 denominations and common Christian reference, where is real proof of CONTACT?


God decided long ago He would make CONTACT with the human race, through His Son, with a very specific people;  The Poor. The fall of Adam contaminated the human race with arrogance and pride. God knew His only hope was to focus on those who have nothing in this world but suffer greatly at this very moment. These are those with His greatest hope for contact because they do not have the comforts of this world, so they are more receptive to the coming of His world. Jesus says, My kingdom is not of this world(Jn.18:36).


Jesus says The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me (Why Lord?),

Because the Lord has anointed me (For what reason Jesus?)


To bring good news to the poor (literal Hebrew afflicted);

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,

To proclaim liberty to captives

And freedom to prisoners; (Is.61:1ff).

Want to know Gods will for your life? Here it is in black and white.


The Invisible People


We often wonder why, despite the efforts we make to share our ministry, no one from multitudes of those who claim to be Christianshave ever made any effort to support us. In the Book of Acts, the true church would sell their houses and possessions to help the gospel go to the poor (Acts 4:32ff). People worked for this sole purpose. The needs of suffering souls, that we could reach throughout the world, are enormous. It is not about us. We want no home, boat or 401k.


The reason is so very clear. The world fully recognizes Christianindividuals, personalities, groups, concerts, meetings, rhetoric, good works, etc. as long as they agree to throw in their lot for the conspiracy against being real in Jesus (Pr.1:14). When you associate with invisible people, you become invisible. You drop out of the system. No more games; either secular or Christian. Your words become silent words, that no one hears, because of this thing called Real.


Some simply refuse to contact us because they fear we may confront their lives. They think that because they may have crossed our path before, it is the same today. One predestined thing that has come out of all the controversy we have faced over the years is a family with one agenda: MERCY. Suffering burns away dross.


The truth is we are extremely sensitive to each contact we make or that is made with us. We treat no one the same or according to previous relationship. Nor do we have some preset radical platform by which we process everyone. God treats us, not according to our past, but according to His future. Likewise, do we deal with others. We made a T-shirt that says                           






People say You think youre the only ones. No. We have never thought this but who cares? Surely not the poor or homeless. We are actually quite grieved when we are told by prisoners or homelessYoure the only ones who have ever done this for me. If we are doing anything wrong, God will make it clear and anyone can go out and do it better. Even if we were offin some way, Paul says all that matters is that the gospel is being preached (Phil.1:14-18).

You surely dont have to worry about too many people. The harvest is plentiful. Theres plenty of room in this world.  But be ready. Because nobody cares about what youre doing. If you embrace the cross it will make you invisible in this world, but be encouraged, you will become visible in His world.michael-woroniecki-quote-7

Dont waste any more time. Refuse to let Satan hold you back with his mickey-mouse lies. Start small and God will turn your mustard seed into a tree. Its about passion. Enjoy a piece of Humble Pie. Love truth. Talk to Jesus with your own real words. Ask Him for light. Love the unlovable. Identify with the rejects, the ugly, the rebels. The guy who seems the hardest may be the most vulnerable. Dont settle for who you have been. Become who you are not.


Theres still time. Dont think about it. Just let it happen. If you pray, just a little, you get so much. Just be ready. Because GOD WILL do what you ask. Become the message; the gospel; His heart, the Fathers mission; contact human beings with Gods love, experience the perichoresis of the Father (Jn.17:26). Judgment is near.