s that seed of John 12:25 I was falling into the ground...

From making All-City honors in high school football, I received a full ride football scholarship to Central Michigan University. But on the field injury after injury broke me, while off the field, at this same time, I began to secretly ponder the life of Jesus. I ultimately committed my life to Christ and it brought about severe and drastic rejection which forced me to tread down an uncharted path. Despite the terrible personal pain of rejection, I viewed it as an insignificant price to pay for the abundant life I had come into.  But I surely was dumbfounded by the absolutely baseless and intense hatred I experienced just because I changed from a wild dude into a man who loved Jesus…

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write this blog to inspire someone who is searching, as I was, for the purpose of life and discover the riches of the living Jesus.

When I first read John 3:8 it made me pause and wonder. It filled my mind with thoughts beyond the mundane routine in which I had grown up. “The wind blows where it wills, you hear the sound of it but you do not know where it comes from nor where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit”.  The identity of Jesus made it clear to me He was not speaking of poetry but reality. But what was this life? What was this ‘wind’? Could a nobody like me actually discover what He meant, here and now, some 2000 years later. 

For some 44 years I have learned the reality of this beautiful life that He freely offers to anyone who is ‘born of His Spirit’. In travelling to more than 50 countries with my wife and three sons and three daughters we have had some incredible adventures. My son Joshua learned how to design put together this blog here so we can share some of them with all of you. Our heart is share with you how good God is, how much He will do for you if you will seek Him and how much you can do for others if you would be willing.