Teaching, TravelsMay 10, 2015

Picture This 05.10.15

I’ve traveled much far and wide,

So many sorrows of men deep inside,

World class cities and famous places,

But there is an unknown hiding with the most indelible  faces.

My eyes scan the elderly sitting in wheel chairs.

Each one in despair  “No one cares”.

A facial canvas drawn with wrinkles and lines,

What words can I peak to heal shattered minds?

Every day they wait for one ‘visitor’ sure to come.

He walks in darkness out of death he is from.

He will enter the body all alone,

To take from them their final moan.

We do not think of getting old,

Of dying somewhere in a place that’s cold.

The greatest issue before your last sigh

PICTURE THIS: Where be your place after you die?



Along with the grief of all the many orphans we face are the elderly. At two ends of the same spectrum called life our perspective is unless we can rescue them now, the terrible plight of a lost world will be their end.   It is no little challenge to articulate our street preaching and our performances to touch the specific issues of the orphans, elderly, prisoners and poor. Jesus is the Man for all men. It is our joy to see Him  in us to reach them.


I previously wrote about a communist committee of 12 people here who run the city. We initially approached them through proper channels but they rejected us right from the start because of the Lord. They have constantly hassled us. The other day we had a showdown. The spokesman for the group came out on the street, as the others watched from a window across the street. He commanded us to take the signs down or he would have the police arrest us. We said we would not do this. A police van was only a hundred feet away. He walked over to them and told them what to do.

In such a city where communism and atheism is in the government, mayor and President there are strong factions within. The captain shook his head “No.”. Long story short the police refused to arrest us and said we had the right to be there with our signs. Hallelujah. The blood of the Lamb is triumphant.


We also had a wonderful witness to Jesus recently as we all ran in the Wings For Life World Run. It is a race that takes place simultaneously around the world sponsored by Red Bull. I got to the front of the line where the cameras were focused and turned my back so “Seek the living Jesus not “church” was projected on the huge TV and around the world for about six seconds.

All the money is given to those who can’t run and are handicapped. Rachel took 2nd in her age, Elizabeth was sixteenth, Sarah took first here in Chile. Ruth blew us all away as she finished 30th among 30,000 runners! Joshua and Abraham did great considering they have not had any time to train. I also did pretty good in finishing 7th here in Chile for my age (picture below). Poor David couldn’t run as he has re torn his Achilles. It has been tough for him.


We have had just tremendous ministry of Jesus the past weeks, on the streets, to the poor,  in the prisons and at various venues offered to us by my six comrades storming various places. Of course, there was this High School for boys that was like entering an Insane Asylum. Wow. Sometimes we go through stuff that is so demonic it takes days to recover. Despite it all we got the Word out. Also some really precious people in homes for the elderly. We are able to help numerous homeless people. One guy who is really seeking the Lord has stubs for feet needs an operation and we’re trying to help him.


To some of you who read what I post I realize that, because my writing is not a typical short-post-blog, you think of it as irrelevant ranting. Not quite. This blog is God’s love to offer you essential insights into uncompromising truth in these last days when “Christian” delusion is the norm. You will not hear this anywhere.


Some stuff may initially seem a bit much to grasp but gaining accurate understanding  requires a concerted  exertion of intelligence and will. Paul was no dummy. Neither were the apostles once they understood God’s revelation. The reason most people remain defeated is not because God will not answer them but because they are too lazy to understand His answers. If you focus you can apply yourself far more than you have trained yourself. I do not write these things in an arrogant, judgmental  or self-righteous manner. Simply to help anyone. Like I say to the prisoners, you don’t have to respect me, or even listen to me. I’m a nobody. Maybe you like where you are in life. Most people don’t. So I speak for those who are looking for anything to help them deal with and get beyond “hell”.


“HELL?”… “Yes.”


I remember, long ago, walking across an open field on my way back from a bar to my apartment.  I was very troubled by the life I was living. I was scared as hell over hell. I clearly recall thinking nothing else in this life matters except finding out what I must do to escape hell. While walking in that field I made a radical choice. I decided to do whatever was necessary to find the truth by myself. It cost me success and all my friends and family.


I refused to settle for the “comfort at all cost” cop-out I saw in the “Christian churches”. I wanted JESUS. I knew I had to get to His revelation (if it could be had) or I would go to hell (Gal. 1:11-12). There were various “Christian” groups and “ministers” trying to save this lost football player known as “Crazy War”. But there was nothing compelling about their lives. Just the same old same old.


In fact, as I began to study the Scriptures I concluded that all the “churches” and any guy who claimed to be a “minister”, but was not personally involved in feeding the hungry, caring for the poor or living to share Christ was unbiblical. So I didn’t go to any group because I never met anyone who represented the Jesus I saw in the Word of God.


When you humble yourself, even a little, God is there to show you a lot.  The “churches” today are not the church. The essential signs of the church are not Sermon, ‘fellowship’ and tithe to the preacher’. Rather 1. Powerful witness for Jesus in the ‘marketplaces’ 2. Distributing their houses and wealth amongst those in need (Acts 4:32-35). This is the Word of God.


I knew it was up to me, the individual, all alone, to figure out the truth of salvation (2 Cor.5:10/Phil.2:12).  I cherished my conscience and did well to preserve it. So, long story short, (as some of you know) the Spirit used the Scriptures and my conscience to lead me to the Father to be born again and experience the living Person of Jesus (Jn.3:3). (see here for a more in-depth sharing of my testimony). My guilt and fear of hell was forever gone.




 You are on earth for a very short time. It’s really just one long bummer.  If you can be honest you will admit that your experience here has been nothing more than what is common to all mankind. No big deal. In fact, quite miserable. You’ve tried things that you thought would make your life better  but they  ended up doing really nothing.


So how about considering a way that does not initially “seem right” but it’s end is abundant life (Pr.14:12/Jn.10:10)? No “church” or moral transcendence. An image. A disturbing image with the power to penetrate all pretense and presumption.  I would beg you to find the courage to consider one picture  similar to one that scared the hell out of me.


The Dream of a Nightmare I recently told one of my four natural brothers about a dream I had about hell that he was in.  I realize many will say this is “unloving” and that I am crazy. The truth is that what I write is nothing more than a very accurate reiteration of Biblical revelation by the Father. If a Christian is  quick to believe that when Jesus spoke of heaven it was the truth then do you think He lied about hell? Hell is not my personal invention. Actually there is no greater love than to lay down what you might think of me so as to warn you so that you might escape (Jn.15:13). The following is some of the dream.


When there is no more earth and the Final Judgment is done, a sinner will not see a “bright light” or have a “fuzzy feeling of happiness”. You will instantly be transported into a place of thick darkness and horrible sounds. You will stand before Satan and see him face to face. You will be about two or three feet apart. At this very instant, you will realize that you are in hell. Your mind will desperately demand some other reality but there is only one: You are going to spend your eternity in hell.


The lake of fire is like lava in which your immortal body will be relentlessly tormented yet not cease to exist. Also there is a hideous worm that will torment you. It also will never die (Isaiah 14:11-17/Mark 9:44-48). The lake of fire  is in a deep abyss of darkness and black smoke and caves with no light but only that from the fires.  The sounds of billions of souls screaming and howling all around you will be overwhelming. Thick black smoke will overwhelm you with a constant nausea and vomiting. It will be unbearable. Over and over and over you will try to wake yourself up from this gruesome nightmare only to realize it is real.


Hell is such grisly agony, it will compel you to constantly do something you never did on earth; gnash your teeth. Vile demons will come upon you to torment you with pain and mockery. They are like scorpions with hair, cursing Jesus with the most foul words. You will see your friends, so many who claimed to be Christian, your minster, family, famous people but none of this will matter to you one bit because your own pain is so excruciating, you can’t get beyond it. Along with all this will be the most horrifying thing of it all: this hell will not be for an hour, a day or a month. You will know that there is no relief coming. Ever. No escaping this hell. It is for eternity (Lk.16:25/Matt.8:12,13:42,50,2:13,24:51,25:30,41/Rev. 9:10ff,12:9).


This one thought of forever and ever and ever being in the lake of fire will be your greatest torment. You will remember reading this blog. This is not hatred, my friend. This is God warning you out of His love. He has no desire for you to perish (2Pet.3:9). The fact that you could have repented will eat away in your memory like deadly poison throughout your body. All because of something you could have easily turned from; PRIDE.  You refused to obey God.


How much will your stubborn pride to mean to you when you are in burning for eternity? Imagine thinking that all you would have had to do was humble yourself. Please, my friend, realize this is not extremism. This is the “hesed” love of Jesus telling you the truth that your pride and presumption is not worth eternity in hell (Mark 8:36). Repent! Don’t fear men. Fear God. (Lk.12:5/Jn.9:31/Gal.1:10/1 Cor.2:11/Mt.10:28/Rev.14:7/1 Peter 1:17,3:15).

PICTURE  being  in this inferno with no hope of ever escaping. This is what drove me beyond all the “Christian” voices to find the voice of the living Shepherd. Now, it is NOT too late. You CAN change.


Let me ask you a question. Do you think anyone will be shocked by not going to heaven but instead to hell? I mean, do you think that it is possible, and that there is anyone who insists they are saved and going to heaven but are really going to hell?


Maybe one? What about two or three? Jesus says DECEPTION is of such an enormous power that “the whole world” is doomed because of it (1 Jn.5:19/Rev.12:9). Paul says that Satan  “blinds” the minds of men (2 Cor. 4:4/Eph. 2:2). Jesus constantly spoke about the evil of ALL men. People act like Satan is nothing more than a scary cartoon. God warns that he is like the ultimate superhero… from hell (Rev.9:11/20:2).


You have probably heard the absurd evangelical scenario. “When you die what will you say to Jesus so He will let you into heaven?”.  As if the memorized prayer formula about the blood of Jesus is a secret aphorism of a membership statement to the Heaven Club. I’ve never met a pagan who didn’t already know this formula. Jesus warns “Many will cry Lord, Lord…and I will say to them Depart from Me…..” (Mt.7:21-22). He is clearly warning that the end-time presumption of knowledge of Him as Lord means nothing without obedience.


My friend, listen to me. You are not who you think you are. You are not who you say you are. You are who God says you are; i.e. wicked and useless (Rm.3:10ff). You will not get to heaven by what you think but through what God has revealed.


God does not care about your knowledge, words or pretense. He requires the engagement of your will in obedience to the “truth in the innermost being” (Ps. 51: 6/ Is.66:1-4,24,14:11/Jn.4:24).  Beyond humility is the humiliation that is the only power to break your ego.


When you lie to yourself about yourself and then believe your own lies about yourself you delude yourself (2 Cor.10:12). You create a ‘firewall’ from truth (2 Thes.2:10-11). You tell yourself how Christian you are, while the guilt of your conscience and reality of your pride demand repentance.


The Day of Judgement is closing in, my dear friend. Please, before it is too late, consider these things I write. I speak to you in the love of laying down my life. No one else will tell you these things. No matter how long you have built on sand, you are not dead. Time remains. You can still find His divine materials. Be the son who “came to his senses”, not the one who became bitter (Lk.15/Heb.12:15).


How could a loving God create such a hideous place as hell? And then send those whom He created to such a place?


Pride renders all of us so deceived we can not even know our own heart (Jer.17:9). The Character of God is holiness which means He is totally beyond ALL our thoughts of salvation (Is.6:3/55:6ff). The only way we can “know” God is through obedience to His revelation. Not by knowledge. He then sends His Spirit to apply the work of Christ resulting in regeneration.


Hell is not a random choice that God makes out of a whim of anger. Nor because you didn’t meet a certain divine standard. It is a physiological and judicial outcome. In one sense, it is out of God’s hands. God has a “problem called holiness (Is. 6:3,57:15). A sinner CAN NOT come into His holy Presence. God can not even look on such a one (Hab.1:13).


God could have left no option but hell. This would only have been justice for the horrendous crime of killing His Son. Every man was there, in hearty agreement for His death because their nature, long ago, is our nature today. Instead, God offers something only He has… hesed; holy mercy; the essence of which is absolute truth. Imagine the Father watching His Son be tortured to death, knowing most men would then reject the essence of His suffering. This is the reason for hell.



Old man or new man (2 Cor.4:16)


How could Paul say “I do the very thing I don’t want to do”? How can he say “I am not the one doing it” (Rm.7:19)? The world would call this schizophrenia. No. Paul had a fallen nature but also a “life-giving spirit” (1 Cor.15:45).  When he says “I am the chief of all sinners” he is not talking about his spirit-man but his body of flesh. You and I must be transformed to enter God’s Presence. Jesus offers a “cleansing”, a new birth. It is not theoretical or assimilated through an evolution of knowledge (Heb.9:9-14,10:22). Salvation causes a division within between two contrary entities, soul and spirit.


To know Jesus is everything. His Name must constantly be on your lips. You must become His disciple (disciplined). He is the only One Who can give you clear discernment between soul and spirit (Heb.4:12).  The soul, you will leave behind, the spirit will receive an immortal body (1 Cor.15:35ff). You must learn the difference between the soul, the conscience and the spirit (1 Tim.1:5/1 Pt.3:21/Heb.9:9).  For lasting change, real discernment must operate. It is the only way to “become born from above’ (continuous action) into a “creation” unlike man (Greek-ktisis- created-as in contrast to already existent) (Jn.3:3/2 Cor.5:17/Col. 1:13/Rm.12:2).


Jesus dispels any notion that in heaven there is human procreation of the seed of man by clearly stating that those in heaven will be “as angels” (Mt.22:30). Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor.15:50/Mt.16:17/Jn.3:3).


My spirit no longer thinks like man or acts like man (1Cor.2:16, 3:3,9:8,15:32/ Rm.3:5,6:19/ Gal.1:10/ Eph.4:14/ Col.2:8,3:22/ 1 Thes.2:4/ 1 Tim.6:5). I have become a son of God and thus have no affinity to this world of wicked men (2 Cor. 6:12ff). The physiology (for lack of a better word) of a soul is completely different than the “physiological” composition of a spirit. Salvation converts a man from a soul into  a spirit (1 Cor.15:45-57/Jn.4:24). The soul must die for the spirit to live (Jn.12:25/Rm.6:4-6). Heaven is  a place where only those who have a perfect spirit can dwell (Rev.7:14/Heb.12:23/Mt.5:48/Jn.12:25).


God cannot obliterate His creation of man. Thus He had to create a suitable place for a sinner to “live” for eternity (Mt.25:41). It is a place for the sinful soul. It had to be of such a composition for Satan and his angels to exist (ibid.). Imagine a planet which can not be inhabited because of it’s various elements. Holiness and worship are the elements God requires. Sinful man can not inhabit heaven.


You’ve heard plenty of descriptions of death as “a light at the end of a tunnel” because Satan disguises himself AS an angel of light (2 Cor.11:14). When you die this “light” will turn into a darkness so thick you can feel it (Rev. 14:11). The Scriptures reveal that this is the  destiny for everyone in the whole world (1 Jn.5:19). Hell is the default of man’s sin into which men will concede. It “perfectly” corresponds to man’s filthy and vile nature.


We are all given numerous chances, throughout this life, to respond to God with obedience to His revelation. The terrifying thing is that you become so caught up in rationalizing and defending your life that you don’t realize your short time on this earth has slipped away. Death comes for you with abrupt shock and doesn’t care about your arguments. It brings no mercy, but instead the final justice of God.